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Assistance for Stroke Survivors

The Different Strokes Carlisle and North Cumbria Support Group is a local group formed to provide assistance to stroke survivors. It is affiliated to the national charity Different Strokes which is a charity run by stroke survivors for stroke survivors

We help strokes survivors, and their families, reclaim their lives through active peer support and independent recovery.



Our Aim

Our main aim is to provide a better support service for stroke survivors and their carers in the local area. We achieve this by hosting regular informal face to face meetings where we discuss issues post stroke including rehabilitation, isolation, employment and retirement issues, and generally anything that may be of relevance.


Friendly group

We provide exercise classes focussed on stroke specific rehabilitation (these classes are optional), and signpost survivors to a number of other local organisations that can help with various issues including rehabilitation. We also invite survivors and their carers/family members to social gatherings at various times throughout the year.


Why join us?

Our exercise classes can be individually tailored to meet your needs. You will enjoy peer support (empathy not just sympathy), and your family will also receive support (often overlooked). You will be able to share ideas and experiences on recovery with other survivors. Come along and make some new friends

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